rare requires new solutions

enthusiasts search passionately for the rare ghost orchid which lays dormant underground for years without showing itself.

when diagnosed with a rare disease, the search for community and knowledge shouldn’t take years.

onevoice is a solution designed for results.

instead of the rare disease defining a patient or a family, we support rare disease communities seeking to understand their circumstances.

we provide information and encouragement in an environment that can often feel chaotic.

we also encourage you to share your rare disease journey.

we will privately accumulate individual journeys over time then share the aggregated experience with the entire community, both over time and with our clickEmote option for sharing how you felt at each milestone on your journey.

we bring your disease information to you the way you want it.

evidence, videos, infographics, funding, clinical trial information, potential partners, and an expanding community.

we do this because, like you, we know rare is different and different requires a new approach.

Contact us and we can talk about how we can support your rare efforts.

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