hand-curated information by experts

onevoice knows there is a sea of information – and figuring out what is good is one thing, but what is good for you is quite another.  we start by scouring the internet using search algorithms customized for your rare disease and after we retrieve thousands of scientific articles, blog posts, videos, websites, databases – our curation group of experts sifts through it all and provides the onevoice community with hand-curated trustworthy information.

scientific literature & educational materials

from “high science” to the “highly readable” rareCurate includes peer-reviewed academic basic research, clinical review papers, society guidelines, abstracts and posters and patient education materials.

we curate relevant information and serve it up based upon the user’s perspective – new to the disease? we’ll give you a starter kit of essential reading. if you’re a veteran, we’ll respect your thirst for deeper knowledge.

experts, leaders, & centers of excellence

this section not only curates expert healthcare professionals such as doctors, physician assistants and nurses, but considers leaders from non-medical areas of the ecosystem including digital media, advocacy, industry and research.

experts have to work someplace right? we have also curated the medical centers, websites, hospitals and group practices that demonstrate expertise in the given disease condition.

online groups,
photo galleries & blogs

the rare disease ecosystem thrives in the greenhouse of social media. we review the major social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and bring the best most active pages into onevoice.

our digital forays also yield a lot of other cool places like blogs, crowdsourcing opportunities and success stories – we love that stuff and bring it in too!

latest announcements
& gatherings

meetings yield news. from major medical conferences to fundraising events, onevoice seeks out the places where the news is being reported and the people who are making it.

we also know that rare disease people love to meet, and we love to meet them. our ongoing updates give the community the chance to attend meetings and make new meaningful connections.

online channels,
infographics & slides

onevoice knows it’s a visual world, so we search out the most informative and watchable videos from major aggregators like YouTube and Vimeo, and top-tier medical and academic centers.

we also grab slide presentations and infographics from around the web that assist our community to continue to develop their knowledge – from patient stories to medical information to research and advocacy efforts.

funding levels
& research efforts

onevoice curators research US Government grants through the National Institutes of Health and shows the rare disease community where the money is going.

more importantly, this section shows where the research is being done, what is being studied and who is doing it – and potentially spark ways to collaborate!

seven pillars. onevoice.