community meets knowledge

rareCourage combines the power of community with the power of knowledge. The social wall brings people together to share experiences, photos, thoughts, ask questions, seek advice and provide support and encouragement.

as the conversation evolves, onevoice serves up relevant information utilizing our proprietary “cybRAREian” software.

predictive information sharing

as posts are entered and shared in rareConversation, rareRelated is simultaneously updated with onevoice curated information relevant to the conversation – we call that predictive information sharing – now that is pretty cool.

encourage media

meaningful sentiment palette

onevoice’s +care button and the Sentiment Palette allows the community to engage in encourage media, feeling comfortable sending hugs, thanks or prayers appropriate to the situation.

encouragement power

engaged personal and community recognition
posting, talking, caring – even giving and receiving “hugs, thanks and prayers” – it all contributes to your encouragement power. Opt-in to Zebra Leader competitions, contests and more!


seven pillars. onevoice.