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Clinical trials provide pathways to new treatments and even cures – but the traditional information sources can be overwhelming, confusing and stale. rareClinical provides an updated and simple interactive experience to get you the information you want.

access clinical trials worldwide

onevoice curators analyze clinical trial registries from around the globe to pull just the right amount of information – we then provide interactive features for you to find answers

geolocate centers
seeking participants

its easy to find a trial center that welcomes you and your choice to devote yourself to participating in a trial

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experienced people

have questions? want answers from someone who has “been there and done that” – onevoice matches you with a knowledgeable mentor

“When the doctor said, ‘you have a rare cancer with no approved treatments’ that lead us into the complicated world of clinical trials”

Tracy - sister of a rare disease patient
create your rareTrial report

find trials that are suited just for you – its not magic, but it is pretty cool. create your rareTrial report by selecting trials, answer some questions, and receive a probability report of recruiting trials for which you may most and least likely qualify

learn clinical trial basics
and beyond

what’s a phase I study? will my insurance pay for it? is there a travel stipend? learn more about clinical trial fundamentals in the education center

help shape future clinical research

get in on the ground floor before the trial is even started. researchers want your input on the design of the trial – answer some questions and earn the title of Protocol Partner!

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