sneak peek behind the curtain

while some diseases are rare, knowledgeable clinical medical experts can be even more rare.  beyond verifying licenses, board certifications and medical experience, onevoice partners with the individual experts  and institutional leaders to enable rare disease patients to engage in an online, real-time collaborative medical consultation.

you probably have loads of papers, lab results, and data piling up in folders or scanned into your laptop —  that information can be put to good use for the community.

rareContribute let’s US based users upload your medical data into our HIPAA-compliant site — it’s all anonymous.

did you know that health insurers are legally restricted from discrimination based on genetic conditions? seriously, GINA says so – visit rarePolicy and learn about the  Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act and other legislative actions and which legislators are advancing rare disease solutions.

thinking of advocating for your rare disease?  meet like-minded action-oriented people and learn how to spur on or join the movement for change.

seven pillars. onevoice.