recruit for clinical trials

existing online tactics typically consist of a web page with the information about a single trial; our solution is more comprehensive and interactive using our "matching wizard" to help guide members to relevant recruiting opportunities

clinical trial retention

retaining patients can be as challenging as recruiting them; with dropouts being inevitable, onevoice can address typical reasons like "feeling underappreciated" and "fear and anxiety" and "inconvenient protocols" by building a regular dialogue with trial participants

disease education

provide expertly curated disease information and use our "predictive information sharing" feature to serve it to their targeted interests; from videos to slide decks to scientific papers to news to expert people and centers

market research

undertstand the patient journey with our, Community Polls, rareQuestionnaires and "rareJourney" visualization feature; propose questions and get answers with valid data and responses

protocol development

increase success of recruiting and retaining patients by spending more time understanding what they will and won't do; build appropriate expectations using our Protocol Partners feature

market access value story

with the scrutiny of orphan drug pricing increasing, its becoming even more important to "quantify" the value to the community; get "quantified qualitative data" from our onevoice platform

treatment awareness

once the product is approved for sale, educational efforts can transform from an emphasis on the disease to an emphasis on the treatment; closed, secure "invitation only" compliant micro-sites available

marketing sales dialogue

word of mouth discussions can be truly valuable and we capture them in our proprietary wall (unlike closed facebook groups); build a 2-way conversation with the people who matter most, the patients and caregivers

data mining actionable insights

we capture a ton of data, from simple "user and use metrics" to more sophisticated quantitative and qualitive data collectors including a natural history visualizer; we gather not just the how much, but the "how I felt"

advocacy support enhancement

a onevoice platform can be structured to provide "neutral territory" among all advocacy groups and their affiliated or unaffiliated members; we have a fun encouragement power game that can be set up for team play to foster engagement and learning

customized content services

we build content that can be presented to the onevoice community - from webinars to patient education materials, we have the professionals to build engaging events, and the targeted audiences for presentation to build awareness

reputational enhancement

an overwhelming majority of patients, caregivers and advocates think pharma has a responsibility to provide information and services that help patients - launching a onevoice platform has been seen as "every rare patients' dream come true"

engagement strategies

we have an armamentarium of tactics to build a customized and effective engagement campaign from social media, HCP engagement and live conference attendance and creation

compliant two-way discussions

we can build a bullet-proof program that respects the FDA’s stance on social media engagement; sophisticated risk-matrix wall monitoring for brand attacks, AEs and other areas of concern; -pre-approved responses for quick engagement

long term and pop-up communities

our onevoice architecture can be built for short term (under 1 year) and long term communities. deploy a pop-up community to achieve a particular defined goal, or plan for the long term by launching a right-sized set of features and add on over the years as the community grows